The Stats on Slacking


The word slacker is usually pointed towards people who don’t feel like they belong within the society’s rules and refuse to work. But the interesting thing is, the person using such a stereotyping word is more likely to be a slacker themselves as new statistics pop up proving as much. With more and more viable […]

Scheduling Conflict


Everyday there are thousands of burglaries across the nation. While your local police work hard to keep crime rates low, practicing home security safety is one of the best ways to stay protected. LifeShield’s latest infographic details the facts you need to know about residential burglaries, why you may be at risk, and the steps […]

All About the Junk Mail


If it seems like you get more credit card solicitations and ad circulars than actual correspondence, you’re not at all alone. Every year, marketers send more and more junk mail to consumers. Their letters aren’t just annoying — they’re also costly and bad for the environment. This infographic investigates the epidemic. Image Credit