The Perfect Figure


Understanding bra sizes is a confusing feat that is often not mastered even in a lifetime. This infographic helps to explain how bra sizes are measured and what exactly the numbers and letters in the bra size mean. So the next time you say 36DD you will definately know what you are talking about!

Lending 2.0


Peer-to-peer loans allow borrowers to borrow money directly from each other, with institutions acting only as the intermediaries. These loans can be helpful when borrowers have major purchases, want to consolidate debt, have trouble getting home equity or simply want to lower interest rates. This infographic walks us through the basics of “Lending 2.0″. Image […]



I am always excited to do design work that involves organizing large amounts of information. For me, infographics are like a puzzle. I immensely enjoy moving information around and adding illustrations and symbols to best emphasize the information. This was one of those projects where my psychology background came in handy. Image Credit

How to Focus


The How to Focus Mind Map will help you to create habits and rituals for mixing tasks and leisure, including managing time spent online and offline and scheduling tasks. In addition the mind map explores managing your space, clearing other distractions and doing one thing at a time. Image Credit