Is It Inappropriate to Use a Smartphone Now?


Between email, text and Angry Birds, your smartphone provides countless excuses to do nothing but use it — at work, at meals, at inappropriate hours. When holiday gatherings roll around, however, it’s sometimes best to stow the gadget and engage in actual human interaction. Consult this infographic for a quick guide to holiday smartphone etiquette. […]

How Much Will Consumers Spend This Holiday Season


Lab42 presents us with some data that highlights some stats around how much consumers will spend. It’s no surprise that over 66% will be doing their shopping online, according to Lab42′s data. However, what is surprising is that 31% of those consumers who will shop this holiday season, will spend over $700 dollars on gifts. […]

Get a Tattoo


The infographic highlights different aspects of the tattoo process: where tattooing is practiced (worldwide), the percentage of people who have tattoos, interesting fun facts about the tattoo machine, most popular tattoo designs, and the top three reasons why people regret getting their tattoos. The artwork is brilliant and nails the style of tattoo art on […]

Lean Transformation Perceptions: What We See, What They See


In any Lean Transformation – or a corporate culture change for which lean manufacturing principles are a major part – there are many perceptions and emotions that permeate the workplace. Often, perception is reality, so it’s important that we manage the perception as well as the reality. From my experience, what I show below are […]